Project Management SERVICES

Pleasantville Paving & Drainage Subproject 1 & 1A

66" waterline along Monroe Road
54" Gravity Sewer along Renwick
Post Oak Lift Station Replacement
Fondren Road Reconstruction
Hughes Road Reconstruction

Material Procurement & Project Management Support

recent Projects Include:

  • San Jacinto River Authority - Waterline Installation Segments T2, W2A and W1B
  • TIRZ #21 - Hardy Yards Phase 1 & 2 Improvements
  • TIRZ #3 - Shopping District Streetscape Improvements
  • West Harris County Regional Water Authority - Contract 33A
  • Uptown Houston Development Authority  -  Water Line along Westheimer
  • City of Houston 

 Construction Photographic Documentation & Project Management Services

KMA Contractor's Services provides experienced professional Project Management services, including material procurement. KMA is certified as a wholesale agent & broker. We can provide another level of management for the procurement and delivery of materials utilized in underground utility state and local projects in Houston, Texas and surrounding area. 

‚ÄčOur Project Management services include:

- Preliminary Recommendations
- Timeline Creation
- Sustainable Design
- Master Plan Creation
- Program Assessment & Implementation
- As-built Documentation
- Budget Assessment
- On-Site Consulting