project Portfolio 


KMA's photographic images can also be integrated to your downloadable .pdf floor plans. Add photos of the project's progress and comments. You can access your project anywhere on your tablet, phone or computer.  Easy to share and make sure the work is done on time and correct.

Start your project off professionally by submitting a high-quality, hard cover, bound, photo book of your project.  

  • Book includes digital media complete with all original images.
  • Digital Images are 18 megapixel photographs embedded and labeled with GPS coordinates, date, time and compass direction.
  • Access to online viewing and optional downloading of images from your office or mobile device.

In-PROGRESS Construction

Based on project timeline, photographic record or video of construction progress to keep on schedule, quality control and provide virtual

walk-throughs for clients and team.  

KMA Contractor's Services is dedicated to offering specialized professional photography services to Houston, Texas and surrounding cities. 

Benefits working with KMA Contractor's Services: 

  1. Clear high resolution images JPEG images showing the presence at a specific time, date and GPS coordinate.
  2. In absence of information, use an image. There can never be too many pictures.  
  3. Documented images for future inspection, specifications, maintenance, insurance, emergency and disaster events.
  4. Compare before and after images to enhance your teams success. 
  5. Experienced, professional, reliable, and well documented photography.
  6. Deliverable options, include photo book and online access to images with download capabilities.  

RTF Life cycle image Recording


Construction Project Documentation includes

 interior & exterior of buildings, outdoor 

construction sites, and landscapes for liability record before renovation. 


Dated image documentation of completed work for punch list, final inspection, and future maintenance.  

 Construction Photographic Documentation & Project Management Services

Hard copy images & book