Construction Photographic Documentation & Project Management Services

  •  Documentation of in-progress construction
  • Support photographic documentation before and after demolition 

KMA services provided:  

West lake Houston & Subsea Lane Utilities

This project includes construction of 4 lane-miles of divided boulevards. Major underground infrastructure includes: large storm sewer culverts to convey drainage from developable land to off-site regional detention; storm sewer piping for roadways; potable water mains; a non-potable water system (re-use water for irrigation); gravity sanitary lines and force mains; and underground robust electrical duct bank in place of overhead lines.

The construction of West Lake will provide a recreational area just northwest of the S.PA and north of the FMC Technologies corporate campus at Generation Park. The lake will be ringed by wonderful amenities, including a continuous path for walking or jogging, while at the same time, it will also provide for regional detention. A signature feature to West Lake is the large waterfall that cascades into the lake. Along the shaded path will be new trees with a series of boardwalks and bridges that bring people down to the water surface. There are two lawns of different scales along the south bank of the lake that will allow for active uses and event venues. Finally, the West Lake provides a natural, open-air setting to compliment the urban feel of the nearby S.PA.